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can surfing help you lose weight

Can surfing help you lose weight?

Yes, surfing regularly can help burn excess fat and calories when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s generally considered much more enjoyable than …
surfing sandymouth beach

Surfing Sandymouth Beach

Sandymouth is a rugged beach just a few miles north of Bude on the North Cornwall coast, despite its close proximity it’s much quieter here …
surfing portreath

Surfing Portreath

Portreath is a small village and fishing port located in West Cornwall. Located just a few miles from the population centre of Redruth is a …
surfing crackington haven

Surfing Crackington Haven

Crackington Haven is a small beach located a few miles south of Bude on Cornwall’s North coast it’s only a small village but its position …
surfing around plymouth

Surfing Around Plymouth

Plymouth isn’t the first location you think of in terms of surfing but it’s actually a great hub for some fantastic waves in the local …
surfing putsborough

Surfing Putsborough

Putsborough is a long sandy beach sheltered by large cliffs at its southern end. Fondly referred to as ‘Puts’, this beach is a real beauty …

Surf Guides

Our surf guides cover everything from how to pick the best spot, understanding the ocean, catching more waves and getting the best out of your surfing.


Offshore vs Onshore Wind

If you’re new to surfing or spend a lot of time around surfers you’ll likely hear them throwing around the words offshore and onshore like …

What’s the best tide to surf?

Low tide pushing up to high tide (the incoming tide) is the best tide to surf. Incoming tides increase the size and power of waves, …

Surf Gear Reviews

Real, honest reviews from surfers. We give you the low down on wetsuits, surfboards and everything in between.


8 Homegrown UK surf brands

The United Kingdom has a rich surfing heritage spanning back to the early 1900s, littered with iconic moments and legendary surfers. But what about the UK’s …

The best surfboard shapers in the UK

Surfing in the UK you consistently see Pyzels, Al Merrick and Lost boards littering your local lineup. While these boards are tried and tested they …

Longboard leash, knee or ankle?

Surfers will opt to place their longboard leash just below the knee. This helps to stop the leash from tangling while you walk and surf …

Surf Lifestyle

Take a deep dive into surfing culture, what makes us who we are and some less talked about elements of our fascinating sport.

can surfing help you lose weight

Can surfing help you lose weight?

Yes, surfing regularly can help burn excess fat and calories when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s generally considered much more enjoyable than …
surfing and sharks

Surfing and sharks

Surfing is a fun sport that offers countless benefits to those who do it. It’s also one of the most dangerous sports out there when …
surfing acl injuries

Surfing and ACL injuries

Surfing and ACL injuries aren’t as common as you’d think but they can leave you feeling uncertain about when or if you’ll be getting back …
sore ribs and surfing

How to stop sore ribs while surfing

Sore ribs while surfing often called ‘rib rash’ is common amongst people new to the sport and surfers who have had a prolonged break from …

Is it harder surfing if you’re tall?

Yes, taller surfers have a higher centre of gravity, giving them less stability compared to shorter surfers. Taller surfers will generally need larger waves to …
meniscus tears and surfing

Meniscus tears & surfing

Tearing your meniscus while surfing can be one of the most agonising injuries you’ll ever experience. Dragging yourself up the beach or rocks as your …

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are waves better at night

Are waves better at night?

The wind speed will often decrease at night leading to clean, groomed waves. This is great for surfing but has its own set of dangers …
can i teach myself to surf info

Can I teach myself to surf?

Yes, 100% you can teach yourself to surf without an instructor or lessons. Good swimming, balance and endurance skills will help you to progress quicker …
how to practice surfing at home infographic

How to practice surfing at home

Learn how to practice surfing at home with our helpful guide. Maximise your surf potential and improve your wave count with just a few simple …
is onshore wind good for surfing infographic

Is onshore wind good for surfing?

Onshore wind blows from the ocean or water towards the land in the same direction as the incoming swell. This can affect breaking waves and …
how much are surfing lessons infographic

How much are surfing lessons?

Surfing lessons are a great way to kick start your surfing journey with some well-needed tips and advice. But surf lessons require equipment and a …
how many calories does surfing burn

How many calories does surfing burn?

The amount of calories you burn while surfing depends on your weight, surf conditions, temperature, the time between waves and lots of other variables. So how …

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