The Best Wetsuit Brands For Surfing 2024 (Wetsuits We Love)

best wetsuit brands for surfing

Are you looking for the best rubber from some of the world’s best wetsuit companies?

We’ve got you covered with this list of our favourite wetsuits by brand worldwide.

From surf industry giants to lesser-known brands with just a few employees, check out these epic wetsuit brands before you spend your hard-earned cash.


xcel wetsuits logo

Xcel Wetsuits is, without a doubt, my favourite wetsuit brand. They’ve been pumping out quality neoprene for decades, and I’ve been wearing them for nearly as long as I can remember.

As a taller, skinnier human, they fit like a glove, and why they may not last as long as you’d like, the comfort level is so far beyond any other wetsuit I’ve tried.

Founded in 1982, it has been a pioneering force in wetsuit technology. Their focus on innovation has led to groundbreaking features like the Thermo Dry Celliant lining, providing increased warmth and performance in the water. 

Xcel’s commitment to quality and advanced materials makes it a go-to choice for pros and mortal surfers like me. So don’t miss out on what I think are the best wetsuits for surfing, and get yourself an Xcel.

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hurley logo

Hurley has sponsored some of the biggest names in surfing, from John John Florence to Filipe Toledo, and their iconic double stripe on the leg of each wetsuit is unmistakable.

Established in 1979, Hurley has a rich history of blending style with function. They are nailing wetsuits that perform well and reflect the brand’s unique design ethos.

With various technologies like the Fusion wetsuit seam for flexibility, Hurley consistently offers wetsuits catering to surfers from all over the planet (and some of the best surfers on tour).

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Rip Curl

rip curl logo

Carved out on the long right-hand walls of Bells Beach in Australia, this historic wetsuit brand has stood the test of time by focusing on making the very best surfing wetsuits possible.

Founded in 1969, Rip Curl is a stalwart in the wetsuit industry. Known for introducing the first stitched, taped, and glued wetsuit seams, they continue to push boundaries.

Incorporating E6 neoprene and other cutting-edge features, Rip Curls wetsuits showcase their dedication to innovation, ensuring top-tier wetsuits for thousands of surfers.

I’ve used the Flash Bomb for a season, and those drying times are no joke; you can have a dry wetsuit for your second surf of the day, and I mean close to bone dry; it’s like magic.

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billabong wetsuits logo

Billabong wetsuits may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to this global surf brand, but they have a good offering, especially for any of you bargain hunters out there.

Full transparency, I’ve never really got on with Billabong suits, and we’re talking years since I’ve worn one. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the right wetsuit for you.

They have everything from spring suits to full-blown 6mm hooded options for men, women and kids.

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o'neill logo

This brand was started way back in 1952 by the man himself, Jack O’Neill, whose sole purpose is keeping you warm in cold water.

They make quality wetsuits for the chilliest ocean temperatures and have some of the best-hooded wetsuits on the market.

I’ve owned a couple of O’Neil Epic suits (their budget wetsuit range), and while they do feel a little bit thick, they’ve lasted a good few seasons and still keep me nice and warm.

Their Technobutter neoprene is designed to be lightweight, absorbing less water while staying ultra-flexible. If you want durability without a crazy price tag, one of O’Neill’s winter wetsuits could be perfect.

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quiksilver wetsuits logo

With the likes of Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds with Quicksilver on the noses of their surfboards, you can guess they make some pretty good neoprene.

Quiksilver wetsuits may not be as good as the likes of Xcel or Rip Curl, but they come at it from more of a surf lifestyle angle with suits for men, women and kids that won’t break the bank.

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*Additional reading – Looking for a guide to the best wetsuits for cold water? Head over to our list of the best winter wetsuits to stay toasty in the water this year.


patagonia logo

 A relatively recent entry into the wetsuit industry has given Patagonia wetsuits quite a buzz.

Patagonia has made waves with their Yulex natural rubber wetsuits. This sustainable approach aligns with their environmental and planet-friendly ethos, championing ethical manufacturing.

By integrating innovative materials and techniques, Patagonia has earned its place as a brand that marries eco-friendliness with performance. They’ve got full suits, booties and gloves, all made from their patented Yulex neoprene.

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As the women’s offshoot of Quiksilver, Roxy brings a feminine touch to wetsuit design. They’ve got some epic surfers on board, with world champion Stephanie Gilmore leading their team.

Established in 1990, they’ve championed wetsuits tailored to women’s needs. Their commitment to style and features like the Hydrolock seam seal have solidified Roxy’s reputation in the wetsuit market.

Roxy wetsuits use all the same tech as Quik, but they go a step further on the design side with some great-looking wetsuits.

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Founded in 2013, Vissla is one of the newest wetsuit brands on the market, but it’s quickly gained recognition for its minimalist, performance-driven wetsuits.

Their attention to eco-friendly materials and forward-thinking design, like the 7 Seas wetsuit, has propelled them into the ranks of top wetsuit manufacturers, and it looks like they are here to stay.

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volcom logo

Volcom captured the rebellious nature of surf culture perfectly. While it may not be as big back then, they still knock out high-performance suits we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.

Now, with aerial maestro Noa Deane and world-tour pro Yago Dora on the team, they’re staying relevant and still producing surf wetsuits to rival the best of them.

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Body Glove

Body Glove is one of the oldest wetsuit brands on this list, with over 70 years in the surf industry, and it’s taught them a thing or two about great wetsuits.

They were the first brand to introduce the back zipper, making getting in and out of the suits of the time much easier.

Now, they crank out some great suits with some of the lowest price points on the market. Body Glove is an excellent choice if you want a good suit for a reasonable price.

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finisterre logo

Finisterre is definitely on the classier side when it comes to wetsuit brands.

It’s all about sleek black design, eco-friendly materials and the latest wetsuit technology. Started by Tom Kay in 2003, it’s all about the harsh realities of surfing UK waves in the winter. 

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dakine logo

Dakine’s a classic wetsuit brand with its early start dating back to 1979 in Hawaii. Rob Kaplan was the go-to man for repairing torn leashes, and before long, he figured he’d make his own.

Dakine was born, and now they offer everything from surf gear to adventure backpacks and, most importantly, wetsuits.

I’ve never tried a Dakine suit personally, and neither have the rest of the team, but we’ll update as soon as we get our mitts on one.

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Mystic caters to everyone, from surfers to kiteboarders, and while I’ve only ever owned two suits, I can say that they were pretty good. 

The fit was crazy small compared to other brands, so I had to send the first two back and go up a size, something I’ve never had to do, and it’s worth considering if you choose a Mystic wetsuit.

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C-SKINS wetsuits logo

Catering to the chilly waves of Northern Europe, the brand produces wetsuits exclusively, and their focus has paid off.

They may not be cheap, but they make some of the best wetsuits in the world. I’ve owned the Wired and Re-Wired models, which were great buys.

With 45 years in the wetsuit industry and ambassadors like Wade Carmichael and Matt Meola on board, you know these guys are serious about rubber.

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Hyperflex Wetsuits

hyperflex wetsuits logo

Hyperflex wetsuits started in 2002 when Henderson Aquatics (scuba diving wetsuits) decided to enter the surfing market.

With decades of experience in neoprene, these guys make some epic wetsuits, and with YouTube star Ben Gravy on the team, they’re making quite the splash in the US wetsuit market.

They have a varied range with an excellent offering for winter wetsuits and integrated hoods. Plus, their wetsuit boots look well worth a try!

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Srface is another new brand quickly gaining traction by aiming for a budget-level price without sacrificing the wetsuit tech.

All their suits offer limestone neoprene and use Yulex alongside a recycled inner lining. The design is sleek, minimal and exclusively black, which always wins.

They offer a range of sizes, including women’s wetsuits and hooded options for all your cold-water surfing.

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We promised we’d bring you an extensive selection of wetsuits, and not many people have heard of Manera wetsuits before.

From their grom suits to the toasty Magma model, there’s a suit for everyone, and I love their simple, minimalist design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some of your most pressing questions about getting the right rubber and our advice to get you the best wetsuit.

Are Henderson wetsuits any good for surfing?

Henderson focuses on scuba, triathlon and other water sports, but their offshoot brand Hyperflex Wetsuits offers surf-specific wetsuits to keep you warm and comfy while surfing.

Do you need a wetsuit to stay warm in the water?

Not necessarily. Any water temperatures above 22°C or 72°F you can normally get away with a quick surf in board shorts, especially if you wear a wetsuit top. Anything below this, and I’d recommend getting a good wetsuit to keep you warm and comfortable while you surf.

What’s the best wetsuit brand?

There are lots of great wetsuit brands pumping out quality suits, but Xcel stands head above the rest for the team here at Honest Surf. They’re durable, offer ultimate flexibility, and won’t break the bank, which is a perfect combination.

What’s the best wetsuit brand for a beginner?

As a beginner, I recommend choosing a cheaper wetsuit from one of the top brands like Quiksilver or Billabong. But most importantly, you need to go surf shop to ensure you’re getting the right fit.

Poorly fitting wetsuits can make surfing a very unpleasant experience and won’t let you focus on the important part: learning to surf.