The Best Winter Wetsuits (2024 Buyers Guide)

best winter wetsuits guide

Are you looking for a wetsuit that will keep you warm on even the chilliest of winter mornings?

We’ve got you covered with our definitive list of the best winter wetsuits as voted by the team here at Honest Surf.

We’ve picked our favourite wetsuit manufacturers to bring you the best rubber the surf industry has to offer.

best winter wetsuits guide

The Best Winter Wetsuits of 2023

The ultimate guide to wetsuits for chilly waters, we take a look at some of the best neoprene available today.

Xcel Drylock X 5/4mm + Hood

Best: Overall

The premiere wetsuit in Xcel’s lineup and one of the best wetsuits available today, period. The Xcel Drylock X is more than enough for the coldest winter season and is one of my personal favourites.

It’s packed full of all the latest wetsuit tech including Stitch Free Power Seam Technology, and a 100% waterproof chest zipper.

It utilises a teched-out chest plate called Celliant Black, a mineral-based fibre that helps keep your body heat from escaping.

Flexibility is handled by their Ultra Stretch IR, stretchy neoprene that’s not going to slow you down through manoeuvres on the wave.

The biggest downside to the Drylock X is its rather hefty price tag making it one of the most expensive options on our list.

Head over to our Xcel wetsuit size guide to find your ideal fit.

*Pro tip – In my personal experience Xcel wetsuits fit a little tighter than most of the other surf brands, this makes them a perfect option for anyone with a taller or leaner body shape. 

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Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3mm + Hood

hurley advantage plus hooded

Best: Value For Money 

This is Hurley’s newest winter wetsuit featuring an integrated hood and double-glued seams to help you stay warm while surfing in cold water. 

Hurley wetsuits utilise limestone neoprene and its new Carbon Black, recycled rubber from old tyres, making it one of the most planet-friendly suits on this list.

Their new Neospan exterior material helps to keep you as flexible as possible allowing you to perform a wide range of surf tricks and manoeuvres.

Additional features include the Xtend 2.0 interior lining which considerably speeds up drying times alongside carefully placed seams designed to not limit your mobility.

Not sure about the right size for you? Head over to our Hurley wetsuit size chart to get the perfect fit

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Billabong Furnace 6/5mm + Hood

Best: For Very Cold Water 

Billabong’s absolute warmest wetsuit, this beast of a suit is perfect for when water temperatures start to get seriously low.

This wetsuit uses a combination of AIRLITE 4D and SMART neoprene fabrics throughout the entire suit to make sure you don’t sacrifice any flexibility.

Inside your suit, you’ll find Billabong’s Graphene Recycler Plus tech which is designed to reflect and maintain your natural body temperature for as long as possible.

One of our favourite features on the Billabong Furnace is the SMART Foam limestone-based neoprene made with 30% recycled car tires, scrap rubber & oyster shells.

This recycled lining makes up to 30% of the suit and the whole thing is stuck together using Aqua Alpha water-based nontoxic glues.

The 6mm neoprene on the Furnvcae model means you’ll be able to tackle ocean temps as cold as 6-11℃.

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O’Neill Psycho Tech 5.5/4mm + Hood

Best: Durability

The Psycho Tech from O’Neill is their exclusive range and features all of their latest advancements in wetsuit design.

It utilises water-tight double-sealed stitchless seams with TB4 Firewall technology that helps trap your body’s heat.

This wetsuit is as warm as it is durable and can easily last 2 to 3 seasons if you surf regularly.

They use their patented Techno Butter for the entry making this one of the easiest winter wetsuits to slip on and off.

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Xcel Axis 5/4mm + Hood

Best: Budget Winter Wetsuit 

Not everyone wants to spend lots of money on a new suit, enter the Xcel Axis, one of the best value wetsuits you can find online.

You’ll find Fusion X Seam Tape on all the stress points and the integrated hood helps avoid the brain freeze you get duck diving waves when it’s really cold.

Despite its low price tag it still has more than enough quality features to keep you surfing for longer in cold water.

Having used an Xcel Axis myself you do have slightly less flexibility than more expensive options but the bottom line is you can’t save money without sacrificing something.

*Pro tip – Speaking from prior experience, Xcel suits have a smaller fit when compared to most other wetsuit brands so you may want to go up a size if other wetsuits are a tight fit.

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Finisterre Nieuwland 5s Yulex® + Hood

Best: Planet Friendly Wetsuit 

The Nieuwland 6.5mm is Finisterre’s best winter wetsuit so far. 

Made with Yulex® material, it’s eco-friendly and provides superior flexibility and warmth in the water.

The integrated hood design offers added functionality and convenience, making it a great choice for anyone looking to surf through the depths of winter.

Ideal in temperatures from 7-11℃ you’ve gotta love the simple, minimal design of this wetsuit.

The Yulex rubber used throughout the suit produces up to 80% less CO2 than traditional neoprene manufacturing, considerably reducing the suit’s carbon footprint.

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Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4mm + Hood

Best: Speedy Delivery

The Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4mm wetsuit is a top-of-the-line option for cold water surfers anywhere in the world.

The E6 Flash Lining provides incredible stretch and flexibility making for ultimate movement and comfort in the water.

This latest range of lining is 20% more stretchy than previous versions and the E6 Flash Lining is also super fast drying and provides added warmth.

The smooth mesh panels absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill. The wetsuit also features an easy top-entry system with a lightweight zipper for chest zip closure.

Overall, the Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4mm wetsuit is a perfect blend of stretch, warmth and comfort, making it an ideal choice for any surfer and a firm favourite with us here at Honest Surf. 

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