24 Perfect Gifts For Surfers (2024 Guide)

gift ideas for surfers

After lots of time and hard work talking to surfers of all ages and abilities, we’ve created a list of the best surfing gifts for the shredder in your life.

Whether you’ve got a specific gift budget in mind or need a gift that’s going to be perfect for your surfer’s skill level, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into our definitive surfer gift guide packed with all the latest surfing gear and accessories (including some of our favourites here at Honest Surf).

Surf gifts for $500+ 

If you really want to splash out then we’ve got the perfect primo gifts including some of our favourite finds.

New surfboard 

new longboard

You really can’t go wrong with a brand-new surfboard, it’s the ultimate surfing gift but you’ll need to do some digging to find out what they normally ride.

If you’re buying for a beginner then a quality longboard is perfect for learning but still great fun even when they’ve progressed their skills (plus they can last for years if you take care of them properly).

We love The Gem from Firewire available exclusively online and quite possibly one of the stylish boards available in 2023.

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Natural rubber wetsuit

natural rubber wetsuit

The Manera ALT Meteor Steamer is one of the world’s most planet-friendly wetsuits.

The suit uses 100% natural rubber (unlike traditional wetsuit manufacture that uses oil and limestone among other things) making it the perfect gift if your surfer cares about the environment.

The inner fleece lining is made from 100% recycled materials and all of the rubber is sourced from FSC-certified Hevea forests.

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Surf gifts  for $200+

Carefully selected surfing equipment that’ll be a massive hit with the surfer in your life.


mens xcel wetsuit

Wetsuits are a necessity for anyone who surfs in cold or cool water.

You’ll need to find out your lucky recipient’s size but once you’ve got that you’re all set to buy them some brand rubber to keep them toasty in a chilly ocean.

Xcel makes high-end wetsuits that we love here at Honest Surf, designed specifically for surfing and offering a range of models for men and women, they’re hard to beat when it comes to warmth and longevity.

You can pick wetsuits based on neoprene thickness, colour, size and even an attached hood for the coldest of waves.

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Foam surfboard

Foam surfboards often called ‘foamies’ or ‘soft tops’ are just as much fun for a beginner as they are for a seasoned pro.

Coming in all manner of shapes and sizes from longboards, mini mals, fish and more, they’re heaps of fun to surf and don’t cost anywhere as much as traditional fibreglass surfboards.

Jacks has a whole range of foam crafts perfect for surfers of all abilities with all of the best surf brands on show.

Check out the shop below for an awesome new foamie for your special surfer.

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GoPro Hero 11 (Mini)

Unlock your surf potential with HD footage of you surfing on the face of the wave.

This is the new model from GoPro featuring a compact outline and 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video

This amazing camera lets you capture crystal-clear footage of your surf adventures in first person.

With a wide range of mounting options and a great battery life, it’s a handy way to see yourself surfing without leaving someone filming for hours on end.

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RC surfer

The Kyosho RC Surfer is perfect when the waves are tiny but you still want to get out there and shred.

This micro-sized, self-righting, radio-controlled surfer is too much fun when the waves are 6-12 inches, heck you can even get micro barrels if you’ve got the skills.

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Surf gifts under $100

Reasonable gifts for a very loved surfer.

Surfboard traction

Tail pads give surfers all the grip they need to perform different turns and manoeuvres on the face of the wave.

Unfortunately, the majority are mass-produced in China with little care for materials or their impact on the planet.

That’s why we love SurfDek grips, they’re manufactured in the UK using RTM-22. This brushed foam formula gives you all the grip of a traditional tail pad without all the uncomfortable lumps underfoot.

Better yet every grip arrives with SurfDek’s patented relay tag, an electronic tag that lets the surfer add all of their contact details to help reunite them with their equipment if it’s lost or stolen.

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Session at a wave pool

A swimming pool with constant waves, what’s not to love?

Since Kelly Slater’s wave pool burst onto the scene there have been pools popping up all over the US.

If your recipient is lucky enough to live close enough to a wave pool this is an amazing present to receive as a surfer (this literally made my birthday last year).

Wetsuit boots

Some warm, comfy neoprene boots are a lifesaver when the ocean temperature starts to drop.

With the rest of your body wrapped in a wetsuit, your feet can be one of the greatest areas of heat loss.

Add this to the protection you get when surfing points and reef break waves with a rocky ocean floor and a pair of surfing booties is a perfect gift.

The O’Neill Heat wetsuit boots are as comfy as they are warm (from someone who’s been surfing them all last winter), get your lucky giftee’s shoe size and you’re all set to get them so brand new wetsuit boots they’ll love.

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Surf gifts under $50

Great surfing gits that don’t break the bank but still bring the stoke.

Wetsuit hanger 

The wetsuit hanger from Ho Stevie is a clever, thoughtful gift for any surfer (shout out to my partner in surf who got me one this Christmas!).

They considerably speed up wetsuit drying times, making sure you’re not peeling on a cold, dripping wetsuit for your second surf session of the day.

Wide vented shoulder supports help extend the life span of a wetsuit’s neoprene, seams and stitching by reducing stress while hanging.

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Quality towels 

You can’t go wrong with a big beach towel, it’s a useful gift that’s perfect for a surf-free day out or keeping your modesty while you peel a wetsuit on or off.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get changed in a busy car park with only a hand towel to keep you decent so make sure you get a towel with some length.

We love these Turkish beach towels, they’re cheap and come with a stylish bag for tansp[ort to and from the beach.

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Surfboard ding repair kit 

Surfboards are delicate, collisions with rock, coral and even other surfers can lead to pressure marks, dings and damage.

Surfboard repair kits give you everything you need to get your board fixed and watertight-ready for your next surf.

We love the Epoxy & Polyester Safe Surfboard Ding Repair Kit from Phix Doctor because unlike other repair kits it works on both (PU) polyurethane and epoxy surfboards.

Better yet it cures in minutes with its UV-activated resin, simply follow the instructions, place it in direct sunlight and your recipient will be all set to get back out in the waves.

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Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, by William Finnegan 

This raw take on the early days of surfing exploration tells a tale of one surfer willing to do nearly anything to find the perfect wave.

Awarded the Pulitzer prize and sitting on ex-President Obama’s summer reading list, this book brings surfing to the masses with carefully detailed stories of adventure in the pursuit of one thing, surf.

William takes an autobiographical look at his many surf & travel stories in a raw style that makes you feel like you’re right there with him.

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Ear plugs

Not the most luxurious of gifts but an absolute necessity if you surf in a cold climate.

Cold water surfers all risk a nasty condition called Surfers Ear when a small bone in your ear starts to grow across your ear canal.

It’s the body’s natural defence against cold water entering the ear but it leads to hearing loss among various other issues.

Thankfully wearing some high-quality surfing earplugs like the ones below stops the problem from developing.

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Subscription to Surfline or Magicseaweed surf

Surf reports are a lifeline to good waves, they help with swell data, wind conditions and HD cameras pointed directly at surf breaks all over the globe.

But compiling all this data and maintaining cameras all over the world isn’t without cost and surf forecasters have moved to a paid model to help cover costs.

It’s a relatively low-cost monthly subscription but the benefits are huge. Most surfers aren’t big spenders so if you know your recipient isn’t signed up this is more than a good idea. 

The two main subscriptions to investigate are:

Both are great at what they do but it’s worth checking local beach cams in your area and going with the better coverage across local beaches.

Surf gifts for beginner surfers

Perfect present ideas for someone just starting out on their surfing journey.

Changing poncho

Changing ponchos come in all manner of materials and sizes from the basic towel poncho all the way up to the ultra-warm and toasty Dryrobe.

This state-of-the-art poncho will keep you warm on even the coldest of winter surf missions with a howling wind and sideways rain.

It’s 100% waterproof and the fleece inner lining makes it feel like you’re getting a hug every time you put it on.

It comes in a variety of colours for all ages and the pockets make it just as suitable for a fun day out in the rain.

Shop Women’s Changing Poncho or Men’s Changing Poncho

Wetsuit changing mat

Getting changed at the boot of your car in a car park is one of the realities of surfing.

It’s unavoidable and while it’s not the most romantic of surfing images you can make the whole experience a bit more pleasant with the addition of a changing mat.

Two of our favourites are the surf grass mat because it feels amazing on the bottom of your feet or the Ho Stevie! Changing Mat which folds up neatly into a little portable bag.

Buy the Ho Stevie! Changing Mat or the Grass Wetsuit Mat.

Surfing gifts for advanced surfers

Gifts for people who think, live and breathe surfing day in, and day out.


Advanced surfers like to change up their surfboard fins regularly and the Finpuller makes the whole process a breeze.

Rather than hurting your hands trying to remove large fins from tight fin boxes this nifty gadget lets you whip them out with no risk of damage to you or your surfboard.

It’s the perfect addition to any surfers gear and better yet it’s made from recycled materials.

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Solar shower

This is a perfect gift for any surfer who lives the travel life.

Finding showers when you’re on a surf trip can be a bit of a rarity but solar showers mean you’re ready to rinse off post-surf saltwater wherever you are.

The Advanced Elements solar shower is easy to use, has a 5-gallon capacity and comes with an easy-to-read temperature gauge so you know when your showers are hot and ready to go.

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Gifts for surfer dads

Surfing dads may not get in the ocean as much as they used to but if they’re anything like the ones I know their love of riding waves hasn’t changed.

Indo Board

Indo Boards are the perfect way to keep your balance sharp when you’re not getting time in the water.

It’s a full core stability and balance workout with hundreds of different exercises you can try to improve your surfing technique.

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Surfing t-shirt

Simple but effective this funny surfing dad t-shirt is ideal if you need an affordable present.

It’s made by Amazon Merch as well so it’s perfect if you need a quick turnaround for an upcoming gift deadline.

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Waterproof dry bag

These dry bags are perfect for chucking on your back to and from the beach.

You can store wet, sandy wetsuits on the way back and keep all your gear dry on the way to the beach.

We love the khaki green model whenever we need to take a walk to reach a surf spot and it even floats making it a winner for other watersports like stand-up paddle boarding, rafting and kayaking.

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Gifts for surfer moms

Great gifts for surfer moms who love to shred.

Organic sunscreen 

Warm water and golden sand are what we all dream of but to really enjoy the beach and the waves you need to stay sun safe.

This organic sunscreen from Raw Elements is ideal for any surfer in the family and it’s reef and coral safe.

What Raw Natural has to say:

Soy, gluten and nut free, contains no synthetic chemicals and is packed with nourishing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so your skin stays protected long after environmental exposure.

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Surfing gift card

Not sure about the exact gifts surfers want?

A gift card from Jack’s Surfboards is a surefire way of making sure you get the right gift.

They start at $15 dollars and get emailed straight to your chosen recipient, they can shop to their heart’s content and use their code at checkout.

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Beach wagon

Perfect for transporting your little surfer’s wetsuits and boards to and from the beach.

These handy carts are perfect for days out surfing with the whole family and the large sturdy wheels can handle the rugged terrain on and around the beach.

They’re even big enough to fit small children in if a day of surfing leads to an afternoon nap.

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gift ideas for surfers