The 6 Best Longboard Leashes (2024 Buyers Guide)

best longboard leashes

We’ve tested some of the best longboard leashes available on the market today to bring your our definitive guide.

With leashes from FCS, Dakine, Creatures of Leisure and more, there’s a perfect fit for every surfer.

Let’s dive straight into the list starting with an amazing all-rounder from FCS.

The Best Longboard Leashes

Our favourite longboard leashes for 2023:

FCS All Round Essential Ankle Leash

Best: Lightweight longboard leash

Length: 9ft

Taking lots of leash technology from FCS’s groundbreaking Freedom leash the FCS All Round Essential Ankle Leash is competitively priced and lightweight.

The 7mm cord leads to a smooth comfortable ankle cuff that utilises extra strength moulded velcro to keep your leash well and truly stuck to you.

It’s worth noting that this lightweight leash is missing a key stash pocket, unlike other options further down the list.

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Dakine Longboard Calf Leash

Best: For longer surfboards

Length: 9’6ft

This Dakine leash is a simple, high-quality leash that’s got an extra half a foot of length to help with hang tens and nose rides on longer surfboards.

Many longboarders prefer a calf leash because it makes cross-stepping up and down the deck of the surfboard much easier.

If you’re unsure which is the best longboard leash cuff type for you then check out our short guide on the pros and cons of calf and ankle longboard leashes.

The cord utilises 6.5mm of the highest quality urethane Dura-Cord, providing maximum strength with a lighter cable.

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Creatures of Leisure Reliance Longboard Ankle Leash

Best: Extended warranty

Length: 9ft

The Reliance Lonborad leash from Creatures of Leisure is on the pricier side but its two-year warranty more than makes up for it.

Featuring C of L’s patented DNA Flex Mould connection, Surefire Leash Release system and a non-slip cuff this is a high-end leash.

The 7mm cord makes it sturdy and the dual stainless steel swivels give the leash full manoeuvrability within its socket.

They also get bonus points for plastic-free packaging making them a planet-friendly option if you’re an eco-conscious shopper.

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FCS Longboard 9′ Calf Leash

FCS Longboard Calf Leash

Best: Calf leash

Length: 9-10ft

Our FCS pick for surfers who prefer a calf leash and like to take their longboard out in larger more challenging waves.

This leash features a heavy-duty 7mm leash cord alongside a rotating nylon cuff to keep your side-stepping tangle free.

You can opt to go for the 10ft option if you surf longer boards and next-day delivery makes it perfect if you’ve snapped your old leash and need one in a hurry.

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Alton Longboard Ankle Leash

Alton Longboard Ankle Leash

Best: Value for money

Length: 9ft

The Alton longboard leash from Jack’s Surfboards is an absolute bargain at $28.

Its simple design shouldn’t put you off though, it utilises an 8mm cord so it’s still got some resistance for when you’re surfing bigger waves.

Featuring a key pocket, high-density neoprene ankle cuff and a detachable triple wrap rail saver this is perfect as a cheap backup to have in the boot of the car at all times.

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SBS Longboard Ankle Leash

Best: Delivery time

The longboard leash from SBS is fairly basic but it’s great if you need a leash with lightning-fast delivery.

At just under $29 and next-day delivery, it’s an affordable way to get yourself back riding waves.

It features stainless steel swivels, an easy pull tab for your ankle and a handy key pocket.

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Common questions about longboard leashes

We answer the internet’s most pressing questions about the best longboard leashes.

How long should a leash be for a longboard?

Your leash should be at least as long as the length of your surfboard to avoid dangerous collisions with your board.

How do you put a longboard leash on?

To attach your leash simply fasten the two velcro flaps around your ankle or calf. If your leash doesn’t fit around your calf try your ankle instead.

Will a shortboard leash work on a longboard?

Yes, in theory, a 6ft leash will work but you run the risk of your board hitting you because it can’t travel far enough away from you when you fall on a wave.

Why do some surfers not use leashes?

It’s considered cool by some to surf without a leash, realistically you should only ever surf without a leash if you are surfing alone or far away from other surfers or ocean users.

best longboard leashes