The Best Epoxy Surfboards (Buyers Guide)

the best epoxy surfboards

If you’re looking for more speed and manoeuvrability in smaller waves then an epoxy shortboard is a perfect choice.

They’re lighter, more durable and packed full of the latest advancements in surfboard technology and design.

With so many epoxy boards available today we decided to create a list of the best epoxy surfboards for surfers of all abilities packed with some of the world’s best sticks.

The Best Epoxy Surfboards

The best epoxy surfboards for all waves and abilities.

Happy Every Day Spine-Tek EPS

Best: High-performance shortboard

Created by master shaper Britt Merrick the Happy Every Day is a high-performance epoxy shortboard that will go just as well on a small day at your local beachie as it will on a world-class point break.

The board features a deep single concave that moves into a double out the back, making it fast on the front foot and deadly manoeuvrable when you find a section to smash.

Inspired by the original Happy board this board was featured alongside Taj Burrow in Stab in the Dark, hosted on the wild waves around Western Australia’s coastline.

Add this to the revolutionary Spine-Tek technology that helps maintain a consistent flex pattern and you’ve got a lively high-performance shortboard that comes close to filling the elusive ‘one-board quiver’.

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Firewire Slater Designs Sci-Fi 2.0 LFT

Best: For speed

The original Sci-Fi for Kelly Slater Designs burst onto the surfing scene during the Gold Coast Pro at Snapper Rocks.

Stu Kennedy rode this strange-looking craft to perfection on the long peeling point break rights, combining powerful carves with lightning-fast rotations.

The Sci-Fi 2.0 takes inspiration from the Cymatic placing the wide point forward of the centre and allowing you to surf the board 1″ smaller than the original model.

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Rocket Wide Spine-Tek EPS

Best: For beginners

The Rocket Wide was designed and shaped by Britt Merrick alongside the legendary Dane Gauduskas.

This shortboard/groveller is perfect for anyone who’s just starting to get their feet on a shortboard or more advanced surfers who live in areas where the waves leave a little to be desired.

The epoxy Spine-Tek construction is a must for the Rocket Wide with Dane himself stating it easily makes the board 25% better than a traditional PU (polyurethane) surfboard.

We love this in larger sizes as a step down for any surfer trying to move towards surfing HP shortboards.

I personally ride my Rocket Wide as a quad with a set of Futures F8 Honeycomb Legacy Quad Fins that give you all the down-the-line speed you could ever need in smaller waves.

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Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Epoxy Surfboard

Best: All-rounder

This strange-looking surfing craft is like the swiss army knife of epoxy boards and is easily one of the best epoxy surfboards in terms of sheer sales volume.

Shaped by Hayden Christensen for soul-arching free surfer Craig Anderson its strange appearance shouldn’t put you off because this thing works, and I mean really works.

From small beach break waves to pumping Indo reefs the Hypto is an everyman’s board in most waves. The Future Flex epoxy construction has a stringer-less parabolic carbon fibre build giving it a great flex pattern and a sturdy exterior.

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Haydenshapes The Untitled Futureflex Epoxy

Best: Small wave performance

Our second Haydenshapes board is designed to take your small wave surfing to the next level.

The epoxy construction alongside the winged swallow tail and fuller design means this stick flies in small mushy waves, easily gliding over flat parts of the wave but still providing that spark when you need to hit an oncoming section.

The board features a deep single concave to vee, delivering the instant speed you need in less than stellar conditions but still offering enough versatility to play in waves head high plus.

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Firewire HI4 Thunderbolt Black Tech

Best: Epoxy longboard

The H14 is just as fun to ride as it is to look at. This performance longboard from Firewire will go in virtually anything and the sturdy epoxy construction helps keep it ding-free.

It features an easy continual HIHP rocker trailing into the last 6 inches flipped up so it can still keep hold in the pocket of the wave. The wider nose even rocker and nose concave make this the perfect nose rider and a firm favourite with us here at Honest Surf.

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Puddle Jumper Pro Lightspeed Epoxy

lost puddle jumper epoxy front

Best: For small waves

This little nugget from Lost Surfboards is the brainchild of Nate Yeomans, an ex-World Tour vet now working as Lost’s California sales representative.

The board features a deep, single concave to double concave leading to a vee in the tail and an exaggerated low tail rocker.

This clever adaption on the original PJHP made for a surprisingly forgiving ride that still had all the drive and manoeuvrability for carves and snaps.

In the video below you can see the Puddle Jumper Pro getting put through its paces all the way from California to Hawaii with Mason Ho featuring surfing some dangerously rocky waves.

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STCY Master Killer Phantom Phlex Epoxy

Best: Value for money

Designed by the great Lee Stacey this everyday driver is currently a bargain compared to other epoxy surfboards on the market.

It’s a mash-up of several of Lee’s models including the Wave Slave, Yeti Wolf & Flat Head, taking elements from each to produce a beast of a board.

A deep single concave runs out to a light double and a rounded square tail making this ideal for anything in the 2-6ft range.

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the best epoxy surfboards

Common questions about epoxy surfboards

We answer some of the internet’s most common questions about epoxy boards.

Do pro surfers use epoxy surfboards?

Yes, when competitions run in small conditions, pros will regularly opt for epoxy surfboards to help them get the extra speed and manoeuvrability needed for small-wave surfing.

Are epoxy surfboards better?

Epoxy surfboards have lots of advantages including their resistance, lightweight and stringerless design, however, traditional PU surfboards are still more common in larger waves and windy conditions.

Are epoxy surfboards good for beginners learning to surf?

Yes, once you’ve moved on from a foamie a good epoxy mini mal or longboard is a great option to progress your surfing and will likely have a longer lifespan than a traditional polyurethane board.