What is the youngest age to start surfing?

youngest age to start surfing

Children can begin to surf as young as 2 years old with careful supervision from adults in small, mellow waves.

It’s key that any child should be enthusiastic about entering the ocean and learning to surf. Any signs of hesitancy or fear should be treated seriously and you should never force a child to enter the sea or learn to surf.

Unlike most sports children try at school or at local clubs, surfing poses a serious risk to life and you should always treat the ocean with the utmost respect.

While surfing can be a fantastic sport for children with untold benefits you can learn to surf at any age.

What is the youngest age you can start at a surf camp?

Some surf camps/instructors will tutor children from the ages of 5 and above but you should always check as this will vary from camp to camp.

You can check the size of lessons and student-instructor ratio to make sure you receive the level of support and tutoring you want and need.

When selecting a surf camp for a young surfer you may want to check the average swell and conditions to try and find waves that match their level and ability.

What’s the best board for a young beginner surfer?

Generally, a large soft board or foam board is better for beginner surfers because of increased volume leading to more float and stability.

Soft boards and foam boards sometimes referred to as ‘foamies’ are often rounded at the nose and a safer alternative to traditional fibreglass PU or epoxy surfboards.

Look for a board at least 1.5 times as tall as the surfer and 20″ or wider.

What are the benefits of beginning to surf at a young age?

Like most sports, starting earlier in life can lead to quicker progression. Most professional surfers began to surf regularly at a very young age.

By starting to surf as a small child you develop the techniques and body movements required to improve your manoeuvres, alongside gaining a greater understanding of how waves perform in a range of conditions.

An often overlooked benefit of time in the water as a child is general comfort in the ocean, particularly when the waves increase in size.