40 Of Our Favourite Surfing Names For Dogs

53 Of Our Favourite Surfing Names For Dogs

Looking for some original surfing names for dogs?

We’ve created a list of 40 carefully thought-out names for surfing pooches.

From well-known surfing terms to inspiration from some of the icons of our sport we’ve carefully curated what we think are the best names.

So if you live by the ocean and you’re expecting a new four-legged best friend this is exactly the right place for you!

Our 40 Favourite Surfing Names For Dogs

  1. Kelly – The same name as the 11x surfing world champ this is a great fit for any dogs that intend to take up dog surfing (and ideally win 11 world titles, no pressure)!
  2. Duke – We love this one for a German Sheppard and it’s a homage to one of surfing’s late greats, the godfather Duke Kanahamoka.
  3. Kook – This is a somewhat endearing term for someone who’s not the best at surfing and is perfectly suited to a clumsy or uncoordinated pup.
  4. Barrel – This is what surfers call it when the waves create a tube they can ride in, also known as ‘getting pitted’.
  5. Twinnie – An affectionate name that means a surfboard that only has two fins.
  6. Sunny – Six-time Triple Crown winner and 2000 surfing world champ Sunny Garcia.
  7. Coco – Iconic surfer Girl Coco Ho, sister of Mason Ho and heir to the iconic Ho surfing family.
  8. Dorian – Surname of Shane Dorian, an all-round waterman that calls Maui his home.
  9. Kauaʻi -Hawaii’s fourth-largest island.
  10. Grom – Short for “grommet,” a term used in surfing to refer to a young surfer, making it perfect for a small who loves to play in the surf.
  11. Maverick – Named after one of California’s most infamous big wave spots, this name is perfect for a bold and daring dog who loves to take on significant challenges.
  12. Reef – A nod to the coral reefs that create some of the best surfing waves in the world, this name is great for a dog with a tough exterior.
  13. Roxy – Named after the popular surf brand, this name is perfect for a female dog who loves to hit the waves with style.
  14. Banzai – Referring to the ‘Banzai Pipeline’ in Hawaii, one of the most famous surf breaks in the world, this name is great for a dog with a daring spirit.
  15. Malibu – A classic surf spot in California that is famous for its long and mellow waves, perfect for a laid-back dog who enjoys a relaxed surf session.
  16. Bodhi – Named after the lead character in the classic surf movie “Point Break,” Bodhi means “enlightenment” and is great for a spiritually-minded dog.
  17. Makani – A Hawaiian name meaning “wind” or “breeze,” ideal for those pooches who can’t get enough of the wind in their ears.
  18. Kai – A Hawaiian name meaning “ocean,” perfect for a dog who feels most at home in the water.
  19. Blue – A simple but classic name that references the colour of the ocean, ideal if you’re new pup has a blue or grey coat.
  20. Sandy – A playful name that references the sand on the beach, perfect for a dog who loves to dig and play in the sand.
  21. Ocean – A simple but classic name that honours the vast and beautiful body of water that we as surfers love to explore.
  22. Rip – Short for “rip current,” a powerful current that can carry surfers out to sea, this one’s perfect for a strong and determined dog.
  23. Sandy – A beachy name that references the sand on the beach, perfect for a dog who loves to dig and play in the sand.
  24. Tiki – A Polynesian word for a carving or statue, often seen in surf culture, it’s also the name of another well-known UK surf brand Tiki Surf.
  25. Zuma – Named after the popular Zuma Beach north of Malibu this one’s an ideal fit for a hound that spends a lot of time trekking the coast around Malibu.
  26. Wipeout – A term used to describe a surfer who falls off their board, this one’s a perfect match for any clumsy pooches out there who can’t seem to put a paw right.
  27. Reef – A surfing term for the rock or reef structures that create some of the world’s best surf breaks. We love this for a brave dog who’s ready to conquer the world along your side.
  28. Shaka – A Hawaiian hand gesture that means “hang loose” or “take it easy,” we love this for a super friendly pooch who just can’t help making friends with anyone they meet.
  29. Surf – A straight-to-the-point name that references the sport and lifestyle that dogs and humans love to enjoy together.
  30. Zephyr – A gentle breeze that is perfect for a leisurely surf session on a longboard or a minimal.
  31. Aloha – A Hawaiian word that means “hello” and “goodbye,” often used as a greeting among surfers on the islands and a universal term of friendliness to others.
  32. Gnarly – A slang term from the early 90s used to describe something extreme or impressive, perfect for a do-it-all dog with a wild and adventurous spirit.
  33. Beach – A timeless name that’s all about the sandy shore where you and your furry friend/s love to spend your time.
  34. Makua – A Hawaiian name meaning “elder” or “teacher,” this one is a great pick for any dogs that look wiser beyond their years.
  35. Nalu – A Hawaiian word meaning “wave,” we like this for a kind-friendly female labrador.
  36. Perran – Short for Perranporth, a popular surfing beach in the United Kingdom.
  37. Adriano – An homage to the Brazilian world champ Adriano De Souza one of the elite few Brazilian surfers to win a world title and an all-around great human being.
  38. Zeke – Zeke Lau is a powerful, heavy-set surfer from Hawaii. He’s known for his powerful carves and aggressive style in waves of consequence.
  39. Rocky – Inspired by the surf break Rocky Point in Hawaii and a great match for a scrappy little chap.
  40. Snap – What surfers call it when they attack the lip of the wave vertically, it’s a gnarly surf trick so this name is definitely suited to a fearless dog.