Other uses for surf wax


It keeps us stuck to our board, it smells amazing and it’s wholly responsible for ruining car interiors all over the world.

We love it, and we hate it, but unless you think a traction pad is better than wax you’re stuck with it.

But can this magical mixture of paraffin and beeswax be repurposed in any way, what are other uses for surf wax?


Bodyboarding, SUP’ing and Kayaking

All of the above sports utilize wax for traction in some shape or form. Bodyboarders use it much like surfers to make sure their chest stays firmly stuck to the deck of the board.

Stand-up paddle boarders need it to keep stable on a rocking platform while they try and paddle, sometimes in a considerable swell, and kayakers will rub wax down the grips of their paddles to increase grip.

Surfboard repairs

I can hear some of you cringing from here. For the more rough and ready surfer who rocks up to the beach with the same yellow stick, they’ve ridden for the last five years surf wax has a hidden second use.

Jamming wax into any open dings on your board will make your repair guy hate you but it does do the trick. You pull up to your local going off, pull your trusty high-performance shortboard out of the car, and find the mother of all dings on the deck of your board.

Your options are:

Frantically jam wax into the hole and go get pitted


Look longingly at waves reeling off in your rearview mirror as you dutifully take your board to the repair shop

For me, this isn’t even a choice but for you more conscientious surfers out there, I want you to know it’s okay to occasionally give the stick some abuse if it means getting great waves.

Air fresheners

There’s nothing better than the smell of a freshly waxed board when you’re paddling out. Some people have taken this a step further and introduced that sweet coconut smell to their life on land.

Putting a block of wax in your wardrobe or drawers will leave your clothes smelling good enough to eat and the scent lasts longer than you’d think.

If like me, you’re forced into the damp cold confines of a wetsuit for most of the year you’ll be well aware of the pungent odour produced by a damp festering wetsuit in the back of your car or truck.

Placing a block of wax next to the offending suit can often mask the musty smell wafting from your urine-rich neoprene outer layer.

Go fishing

Some surfers swear by repurposing old wax for fishing lures. Simply mould the wax around the hook (ten points if you can make it look like a fish) and cast it out. The results might surprise you!

Make your own candle

That’s right you heard it, make your own candles with any Sex Wax or Mrs Palmers lying around to become a recycling god. I can’t say I’ve ever tried this myself but apparently, it works, go figure!

Skateboarding and blading

Skaters and bladers have been known to use surf wax to make rails easier to grind. I’m not going to pretend I can skate with any semblance of skill, so I haven’t tried this one myself, but word on the streets is it works.

Surf hair

Believe it or not, up to 30% of surf wax is bought purely for fashion. Kids and adults alike will use it to style their hair with the added bonus that surfers everywhere will be perplexed when they get hit by the smell of Sex Wax while they do their weekly shop.

They don’t call it Sex Wax for no reason

For the more adventurous out there, you can melt your surf wax down for some steamy bedroom encounters. Watch out for those sensitive bits though!

In conclusion

Who knew there are so many other uses for surf wax, some of them helpful, some bizarre, and some just plain painful. No matter how you use your wax, stay safe, have fun and make sure to check out our other reads for more surf inspiration.