How to keep surf wax from melting in your car

how to keep surf wax from melting in your car

Trying to scrape surf wax out of your car’s upholstery or carpet is the stuff of nightmares. Surf wax has a notorious reputation for melting in hot cars, creating large gelatinous pools (that admittedly smell great).

To stop your surfboard wax from melting in the car consider investing in a silver or light coloured board bag that doesn’t absorb heat. Alternatively you can use a front traction pad and avoid wax all together.

Want to know some other great ways to keep your wax from liquifying in your treasured wheels? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with our extensive guide on how to keep surf wax from melting in your car.

How to stop wax from your surfboard melting in your car

The most effective ways to stop unwanted surf wax disasters:

Use the right wax!

This one sits at the top because it’s often overlooked and can lead to endless disasters in the car and in the waves.

Using cold water wax in a hot climate or hot water temperatures will have your wax melting constantly. Cold water wax melts at much lower temperatures so exposing it to warm water or excessive sun will always lead to melts.

This is a disaster in and out of the water, you’ll have chunks of wax floating off your board leaving a clean slidy deck below.

Get a shiny new board bag

Those silver board bags aren’t just for show, using a silver or white coloured board bag is a great way to keep your board cool and wax solid.

Light colours don’t absorb heat like darker colours and while it won’t save your wax job forever it’s an easy solution.

The added bonus of a board bag is if the worst does happen all your liquid wax should be contained in the bag.

Pro tip – if there’s any chance of a melting event you should turn your board bag with the zip facing up, this will keep all the wax in your bag and prevent any from leaking through the seams of the zip.

Natural shade

Easiest and cheapest on the list, natural shade is a great way to keep your wax cool. The trick here is being either lucky or the early bird that manages to snag the shaded parking spot.

Wax starts to melt pretty quickly in direct sunlight so getting any kind of shade will help, this is as simple as throwing a towel or wetsuit over the board to act as a protective layer from the sun’s rays.

Depending on where you surf you might be able to place any spare boards under your car while you go for a surf. The key here is to remember that you left them there before you leave them behind, or worse, drive straight over them.

Get a traction pad

Front traction has always been a bit of a love-hate scenario for surfers, but traction pads are great in hot countries and they can save you some serious coin in the long run.

If you’re fed up with wax soup but haven’t tried a front grip yet check out our closer look on are traction pads better than wax.

Crack the windows

Leaving the windows open slightly will allow cool air to circulate through the car keeping your wax temp down.

A car with closed windows acts as an oven, effectively cooking the wax on your board.

Don’t take any extra boards

As surfers, we want to be equipped for all conditions, small and giant, clean and messy. The easiest way to save yourself a messy board is to leave the quiver at home and stick to one board.

Get creative with surf wax and get some tips on recycling and upcycling with other uses for surf wax.

How to stop your wax blocks melting in your car

Get your car hot enough and even a whole block of wax will melt. Here’s some tips for keeping your bars of wax solid:

Put your wax in a cold box or bag

If you surf in a hotter climate consider leaving your blocks in a cold box or bag. Much like a board bag this’ll keep your wax cooler for longer, just be aware that even a coldbox will heat up eventually.

Glove box or under your seat

Finding a shaded spot in your car is a great alternative to a cold box. Use your cars glove box, wheel arch or undercarriage to find some well needed shelter from the sun.