How Much Are Surfing Lessons?

how much are surfing lessons infographic

Surfing lessons are a great way to kick start your surfing journey with some well-needed tips and advice. But surf lessons require equipment and a surf instructor which means they do come with a cost.

So let’s see if we can answer, how much are surfing lessons?

We’ve taken a look at some of the UK’s most popular surf schools to try to understand the costs involved and how they vary.

Surfing lesson prices compared

Surf SchoolGroup Surf LessonsPrivate Surf LessonsLocation
Croyde Surf School£35 (2.5 hours)£125 (2.5 hours)Croyde, North Devon
The Escape Surf School Newquay£40 (2 hours)£100 (2 hours)Newquay, Cornwall
Cornish Wave£30 (2 hours)£70 (2 hours)Newquay, Cornwall
Fistral Beach Surf School£40 (2 hours)£105 (2 hours)Newquay, Cornwall
Gwithian Academy of Surfing£40 (2 hours)N/AGwithian, Cornwall
Waves Surf School£45 (2 hours)£100 (2 hours)Padstow, Cornwall
These prices are all sourced directly from each surf schools website and are correct as of March 2022

Costs for surfing lessons seem to vary slightly but all of the most popular surf schools in the South West are fairly competitive on price.

All the costs above are for adult trainees and could be cheaper for children. It’s important to note that it’s never too late to start surfing and you can learn to surf at any age.

We’ve created a helpful article about the youngest age you can start to surf and enrol in lessons.

Buying surf lessons in a package

Many of the surf schools above will offer discounts for booking more than one lesson at a time.

If you are serious about committing to learning to surf these bulk deals on surfing lessons can be a great way to get comfortable on the board while keeping costs down.

I recommend contacting a few surf schools to see which one has available bookings and enquiring about their discounts for multiple surf lessons.

Additional costs involved in surfing lessons

Some surf schools will give you the opportunity to rent their equipment to use without their supervision. This will normally include a wetsuit, surfboard, leash and fins but you can often cater this to your specific requirements.

This is a great option if you want to keep costs down but still maximise your time in the water. Check carefully for any damage before you rent the equipment and make sure you return it in good time to avoid any extra charges.

So how much are surfing lessons?

You should be aiming to pay between £30-£40 for group surfing lessons and £70-£110 for private lessons with just you and a single instructor. These are guide prices and the skill level and business costs of any individual surf school or surfing instructor will affect the price they charge.

If you’re looking to learn quickly with supervision and clear tutoring book 2 -3 private surf lessons with an instructor.

If you want to reduce costs while learning to surf, aim for a few group lessons with the goal to hire your surf equipment. Continue your training without supervision from an instructor but within a lifeguard area to stay safe.

Other things that can affect the price of lessons

Make sure to check how many participants are in your surf lesson and the ratio of instructors to trainees. Try to sign up for lessons with a 1:6 ratio or less.

Much over this and it will be very hard for the instructor to provide any constructive feedback because their attention is spread too thin.

You can expect to pay a little bit more for lessons with fewer trainees but the benefits are well worth it.

Now you’re all set to book your first lesson head over to our extensive guide to surfing around Cornwall for some fantastic surf beaches you can visit on your travels.