Your Guide To The Best Surfboard Shapers In Newquay

best surfboard shapers in newquay

Newquay is the jewel in the crown of UK surfing. Its varied coastline makes it one of the best spots to find consistent waves year-round.

Undoubtedly, some of the country’s most skilled fibreglass wizards have gravitated to this hub of surfing culture. If you’re wandering around Newquay’s streets looking for your next new surfboard we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the best surfboard shapers in Newquay all pumping out consistently high-quality blades for surfers all over the southwest.

1. Seduction Surfboards

The brainchild of Andy Gale, Seduction Surfboards makes some quality sticks. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing a Seduction board you were probably struck by the truly unique artwork Andy adds to his surfboards.

From the pocket-sized Ishfish to the more performance-orientated outline of the Rocket Twin, Seduction has a shape for every surfer. Better yet you can opt for a traditional PU or Epoxy if you want a bit more float in small conditions.

They’ve got an online shop where you can go and check out all of the shapes or if you’re looking for a custom shape you can get in contact with Andy who’ll happily discuss the intricacies of your new board.

Operating out of the Toy Factory shaping rooms on Treloggan Industrial Estate, why not pop in and have a look at some of the boards that make Seduction one of the best up-and-coming surfboard shapers in Newquay and across the whole of the UK.

Check out the Seductions Surfboards website here to get a glimpse at some of Andy’s amazing shaping work.

2. Custard Point Surfboards

Custard Point Surfboards has been shaping all manner of surf craft since 1983. Based in Alma Place in Newquay they’re right in the thick of Newquay’s bustling town.

Believe it or not, the Custard Point Surfboard factory holds the accolade of shaping the first-ever mini-mal in the UK.

Tim Mellor is the man responsible for working his magic on blanks to turn them into various high-quality surfing crafts. He’s been shaping for over 35 years and his skill and experience are obvious if you’re lucky enough to get your hand on a Custard Point surfboard.

Offering boards of varying sizes and shapes they specialize in Longboards, Mini mals and a wide array of alternative shortboard shapes like Mini Simmons Fishes and Eggs.

Head over to the Custard Point Surfboards website to find out more about one of Newquay’s most established surfboard shapers.

3. Form Surfboards

Form Surfboards is the proud creation of British pro surfer Alan Stokes. His range of designs all channel the 30 years of experience he’s had surfing at the highest level of our sport.

Form aims to deliver speed and performance at the core of all its shapes and unlike traditional surfboard brands like Lost or Pyzel, Form sticks are designed specifically for the UK’s less-than-stellar surf conditions.

Alan works alongside a team of shapers that help him translate his knowledge into finely honed fibreglass blades.

Situated on the Trellogan Industrial Estate it’s only a short drive out of Newquay’s town and the door’s always open for a friendly chat about your next custom shape.

Head over to the Form Surfboards website here.

best surfboard shapers in newquay

4. Matt Adams Surfboards

Matt Adams and Adams Surfboards have been consistent in Newquay for over 20 years now. Head for a surf at Fistral or Crantock and chances are you’ll see at least one surfer riding an Adam’s shape.

Having worked alongside greats like Eric Arakawa from Hawaii, Matt is one of the UK’s and Newquay’s most established surfboard shapers.

Adams Surfboards can help you with the expert advice you need before investing in a brand-new board. They can guide you towards one of their stable of shapes or create a complete custom based on what you want and need.

Whether you’re looking for something that’ll work when it’s knee-high and glassy or something that’s gonna get you under the lip at heavier waves, Adam’s has a board for surfers of all abilities.

Check out the Adams Surfboards website here for a look at some of the epic blades they’re pumping out.

5. Skindog Surfboards

skindog surfboards logo

Ben Skinner is a longboarding master and his surfing prodigy son Lucas is quickly shaping up to be one of the UK’s best up-and-coming pros on a shortboard.

With this surfing dynasty at its helm, Skindog Surfboards is perfectly placed to know exactly what’s needed to shape a great board.

It’s not just Ben that works his magic either, Skindog has a whole team of professionals helping to churn out quality sticks. Jason Gray (glasser), Verdi (artwork and sprays) and Charlie (sanding and fins) all work to finish your new surfboard to the highest standards of workmanship.

Cruise over to the Skindog Surfboards site here.

6. Paradise Surfboards

Paradise Surfboards is a small, family-run surfboard business operating out of Newquay. It’s one of the newer surfboard shapers in Newquay but despite the young age, the results speak for themselves.

Brothers Andrew and Liam Gibson have both worked tirelessly to hone their shaping skills to where they are today.

Liam has a passion for board design and the technical side of shaping with Andy taking the lead on shaping and laminating the boards. In combination, this family-run business is manufacturing some amazing local sticks.

They strive to provide all their customers with shapes that offer just as much in performance as they do in aesthetics. Every board arrives with a free resin tint and you can customise your board to the finest detail alongside expert advice from Andrew and Liam.

Find out more about what Paradise Surfboards is up to here.