8 Of The Best Surf Spots In France (Your Wave Guide)

our guide to the best surf spots around france

Looking for some of the best surf in France?

Look no further; we’ve created a list of the best surf spots in France packed with quality waves and stunning scenery.

Let’s dive straight in so you’re all set to plan your next surf trip.


Hossegor is located in southwestern France, specifically in the region of Landes. Known for its world-class beach breaks and vibrant surf culture, it’s without a doubt my favourite place to surf.

The main surf breaks include La Gravière, La Nord, and La Sud. La Gravière is known for its heavy barrels breaking just meters from the shore and is best suited to experienced surfers.

La Nord has a large outer bank offering longer rides and massive waves, with La Sud has more forgiving waves perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.

You’ll find Les Estagnots heading north, which can kick up some great lefts and rights on clean swells.

The best surfing season is from September to April when consistent surf hits the coast, but water temperatures stay relatively mild. 

If you stay in Hossegor, you’re not far from other great surf spots in the region, like Capbreton, Seignosse (more on this spot soon), and Moliets-et-Maa. 

*Interesting fact – The coastline here regularly hosted the Quicksilver Pro France, a pro surf competition where some of the world’s best surfers battled in some of the best waves France offers.


Lacanau is another one of my favourite places to surf in France, located on the Atlantic coast just north of Bordeaux.

It’s a long sandy beach with consistent waves and a laid-back atmosphere, with the town offering a range of shops and surf schools if you need to pick up any impromptu surf gear.

The main beach break, La Centrale, has consistent, user-friendly waves helped by the beach jetties making it ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers (this can lead to serious summer crowds).

Sitting north of La Centrale is La Nord which can offer punchy beach break peaks and barrels when the sandbanks are good.

Head south to escape the crowds at the more popular waves, where you’ll find waves breaking as far as the eye can see.


Located just south of the hustle and bustle of Hossegor, this quiet town is home to some of the best surf beaches in France.

When the sandbanks are good, the beaches of Seignosse can be world-class.

Much like La Grviere, the waves here break fast, powerful and hollow making it very popular with advanced surfers.

It also benefits from being slightly quieter in the summer months when compared to other beaches higher on this list.

 If your surfing skills are up to scratch, I highly recommend adding this to your hit list when planning your next trip.


You guessed it, another quality beach break!

Backed by giant pine forests, this quaint little French town is another perfect spot for powerful beach breaks and barrels.

With km of sand as far as the eye can see, you’ll have your pick of peaks.

Make sure to get up early to make the most of the offshore wind before it gets too messy later in the day.


For all you mad men and women out there, Guéthary, located in the Basque Country, is one of Europe’s premier big wave surf spots.

Avalanche is the main break here, with the ability to hold swells well into the 20ft range and a similar look to Mavericks in California. 

You’re better off leaving it to the winter months if you want to tackle this beast of a wave, and make sure to bring your big wave gun!

For those of you who’d rather stick to your shortboard, there’s a quality reef break just to the left of the bay called Les Alcyons.

It’s a steep take-off followed by several sections breaking over shallow rock, best surfed for mid to high tide; this spot is best left to experienced surfers.

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Biarritz, located on the Atlantic coast in southwestern France, is about as classy as surfing gets.

This bustling urban spot has a thriving surf culture and epic nightlife.

Cote des Basques is perfect for beginners, offering mellow rides and one of Europe’s best beaches to learn to surf.

Grand Plage can get pretty hollow on its day and is best left to intermediate surfers and above.

Jo Moraiz Surf School is a top choice if you’re looking for surf schools. They’ve been teaching since 1966 and offer lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Les Cavaliers

Located in the town of Anglet, this quality beachie regularly hosts local and national comps.

A distinctive rock jetty runs along the right of the beach, helping to groom the swell into well-defined peaks.

In smaller swells, it’s a great high-performance wave; when it gets bigger, the tubes here can rival anywhere in the world.


Just before the Spanish border, you’ll find Hendaye Plage, one of France’s best beaches for beginners to get their feet on the wax.

It’s a long spread-out beach with several peaks to choose from.

All the waves here tend to be very user-friendly, with an easy take-off followed by a slow peeling wall.

This can make it busy sometimes, so try to avoid school holidays if you want to dodge the crowds.

Rumour has it that there’s a quality right-hander close by when the swell gets bigger.

Wrapping Up

Now we’ve uncovered some of the best spots France has to offer you’re all set to start exploring.

With a coastline that offers endless beaches, reefs and points, there’s no end of perfect waves just around the next headland.

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