Surfing in Lyme Regis

surfing lyme regis

Lyme Regis sits just inside the Dorset border and while it’s not a particularly well-known surf location it can offer up some surfable waves to the committed.

With the right swell and wind Lyme Regis can provide quality waves across all its breaks.

Offering waves for all sorts of surf craft and ability levels and a thriving local surf scene you’d be forgiven for thinking this spot breaks all the time.

surfing lyme regis

Lyme Regis surf spots

Lyme Regis has three main breaks across the two bays. You can surf everything from high-performance right-handers offering sections for barrels and snaps, to wedging lefts perfect for honing your carves or long mellow rides in the sheltered inner harbour.

Inner Harbour

Inner harbour offers long mellow rides perfect for longboarders, stand-up paddleboarders and kayakers.

Swell bends across the harbour wall into the sheltered bay located in front of the main town and promenade.

The gradual shelf that rises into the bay means the waves break slowly and with less power than the other more exposed side of Lyme Regis.

The large harbour wall and the Cobb both provide well-needed shelter in strong south-westerlies making the inner harbour a good check if other spots are too wild and blown out.

You can surf anywhere from low all the way up to high with large enough swell but the waves tend to lose quality here around high tide.

The Cobb

The Cobb offers quality lefts and rights in the right conditions but is a notoriously fickle wave making scoring here hard.

There are a committed crew of local surfers that have this place dialled and with the small take-off zone, you’re generally best looking for waves elsewhere.

Chippel Bay

Chippel Bay runs away to the west from the Cobb, a large pebbly beach backed by large cliffs, surfing is stunning.

Best surfed from mid to low Chippel Bay can offer high-quality performance right-handers across the shallow reef below.

Surfing this spot requires a really long walk and 9 times out of 10 it won’t be working but when it does it can be one of the best waves on this stretch of coast.

Due to its exposed nature situated right out next to the headland, it’s prone to suffer from wind. While it can be surfed during light onshores much more than 10mph will severely affect the wave’s quality.

Surf spots around Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is nestled amongst several other quality surf spots if you can’t find any waves here.

Charmouth is just to the east offering consistent waves through the whole tide range.

To the west, Sidmouth can provide a lot more shelter from dreaded westerly winds.

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What’s the best time of year to surf Lyme Regis?

October to January is the best time of year to surf Lyme Regis. Large ground swells make their way up the channel funnelling swell into Lyme Regis’ surf breaks.

Does Lyme Regis have a surf shop?

Yes, Boylo’s Watersports is located on Marine Parade right in front of the waves at the inner harbour.

What’s the best wind direction for Lyme Regis?

Any wind from the north to the northeast is ideal for any of the breaks in the Lyme Regis.

Where can you park when you are surfing?

There are several paid car parks across Lyme Regis with a large one located at the western end of the town.