Surfing Bigbury on Sea


Bigbury on Sea is a small sandy beach located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the waves here are normally quite soft and mellow making it a great option for learning to surf.

Surfing Bigbury on Sea is often overshadowed by its much more famous big brother Bantham sitting just across the Estuary mouth.

Can you surf at Bigbury on Sea?

Yes, Bigbury on Sea is exposed to south westerly ground swells that travel up the English Channel. Much quieter and offering great waves for beginners and intermediates this small beach gets some protection from south-westerly winds due to Burgh Island located just offshore.

Unlike a lot of waves in south Devon, Bigbury isn’t sheltered by a large landmass obstructing swell that moves up the English Channel from the Atlantic.

This allows swell to hit the beaches here unhampered, leading to bigger waves and more power.

While it isn’t as consistent as Bantham located just across the estuary mouth, it can provide surfable waves all year round.

Bigbury on Sea surf spots

Bigbury on Sea only has one main spot for surfing.

The spot can be found on the left-hand side of the causeway from Burgh Island as you look out to sea.

Depending on the size of the swell you can surf all the way from the island to the estuary mouth that connects Bigbury and Bantham.

The best waves are normally found in the centre of the bay.

Bigbury is surfable all the way through the tide with the high tide lapping at the entrance to the boat ramp but still providing suitable waves for beginners and intermediates.

What’s the best time of year to surf Bigbury-on-Sea?

Bigbury receives waves all year round but the best waves here will normally be between September and November. Long-distance grounds swells are often paired with favourable offshore winds during this period.

Does Bigbury-on-Sea have a surf school?

Yes, Bigbury has a very established surf school, Discovery Surf School is a family-run business offering surfing and stand-up paddleboard lessons with highly trained surf instructors.

Where can you park when you are surfing?

There is a row of 6-7 free parking spots as you enter Bigbury on Sea but unless you are quick these are normally taken by early morning surfers.

There’s a large pay and display car park located right next to the beach which can give you a fantastic view of the waves while you peel on your wetsuit.

What’s the best wind direction to surf Bigbury-on-Sea?

Any wind from the north will be suitable for surfing Bigbury on Sea.

It’s fairly sheltered by surrounding land masses and can provide clean waves when a lot of close-by spots are wind affected or blown out.