The Best Surfboard Shapers In The UK 2024


Surfing in the UK, you consistently see Pyzels, Al Merrick and Lost surfboards littering your local lineup.

But if you’ve never had a new custom shape before, there’s something truly special about picking up a new sled from the shaping bay, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

So, who are these local heroes consistently pumping out magic carpets for surfers all over the UK?


Fourth Surfboards

Fourth Surfboards and head shaper Luke Hart have been consistently pumping out a whole range of quality sticks.

The company was founded in Newquay, UK, in 2018 and has since become one of the leading suppliers of boards for the European market.

Fourth supports an impressive roster of pro surfers, including some national champions like Tom Butler, Angus Scotney, Gearoid McDaid, Ellie Turner and many more.

Check out the Fourth website

Luke Young Shapes

Luke has been shaping surfboards for 20 years, and he’s been doing it with a lot of heart.

He specializes in making boards that are a perfect fit for the rider—whether they’re beginners looking for somewhere to start or seasoned shredders looking to step up their game.

He has models that will fit any experience level, from beginner boards to tow boards and you’ll regularly see his shapes all over the south coast.

Head to his website below to get a UK surfboard shape you can trust.

Check out the Luke Young Shapes website

Seduction Surfboards

Andy Gale is the founder and shaper of Seduction Surfboards, a surfboard company based in Newquay, England. Andy has worked in the surfboard shaping industry for over 20 years, and he has been creating custom boards for local shops and customers for over 10 years.

In addition to his dedication to his craft, Andy prides himself on his attention to detail, which has made him an excellent choice for many different types of custom orders. He knows how to create the perfect surfboard for each client’s unique needs, whether it’s a board that will help you catch waves easily or one that will help you conquer waves fearlessly.

Andy is known for his ability to listen carefully to what each client wants from their board so that he can create exactly what they’re looking for—and then some!

Check out the Seduction Surfboards website

SkinDog Surfboards

Skin Dog Surfboards is a custom hand-made surfboard shaper based in Newquay, England. The company was founded by Ben Skinner, who is a world champion longboarder, father of Lucas Skinner (upcoming pro surfer), and husband to Sally Skinner (winner of the Newquay Women’s Surf Festival).

Skin Dog Surfboards was started 10 years ago when Ben had a vision for a surfboard that would be lighter and easier to carry than traditional boards. Since then, Skin Dog Surfboards has become known for its high-quality boards that are both beautiful and functional.

Check out the SkinDog Surfboards website

Black & White Surfboards

Black & White Surfboards creates custom, bespoke surfboards for beginners through to the competition level. Owned and run by Paul Waters who’s had the pleasure of learning from world-class shapers for the last 25 years.

Each board is hand-picked to suit the surfer’s experience, size, style and wave preference.

Their boards are made from high-quality materials and designed for maximum performance in the water. They take pride in their products and are always happy to answer any questions you have about custom hand-shaped surfboards.

Beach Beat Surfboards

Beach Beat surfboards, bringing you the best quality custom surfboards for over 30 years!

Beach Beat are a team of UK and international board designers and shapers headed up by Marcus Lascelles. They’ve been shaping boards since 1986 and they’re still going strong. They provide you with the highest quality custom surfboard that matches other HP surfboards you can find around the world.

Check out the Beach Beat Surfboards website

JP Surfboards

JP Surfboards is a custom surfboard shaper based in Swansea, UK. They create high-performing, high-quality surfboards for all types of riders, from first-time surfers to seasoned pros.

They offer a wide range of shapes including quad and hybrid shapes as well as retro designs. Whether you’re looking for something stable and easy to ride, or something that will give you the boost you need to take on bigger waves, JP is your go-to in Wales.

JP Surfboards is an iconic UK shaper with JP boards being surfed all across the British Isles every day.

Check out the JP Surfboards website

Diplock Surfboards

Diplock Surfboards make all sorts of boards for all sorts of people. Whether you’re a 5ft keel fin aficionado, a 10ft log lover, or a high-performance EPS shortboarder, we’ve got you covered.

They support an eclectic mix of team surfers riding their equipment and helping with great insight into each style of board and its design. They can cater for every one from beginners learning to surf to hard charging veterans.

Diplock has a large showroom with stock boards but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can order a handmade custom board tailored to your needs.

Celtic Connection Surfboards

Celtic Connections Surfboards is a small board-shaping business based in Bude, Cornwall.

The founder of Celtic Connections, Carl Welton, has been shaping boards since 1995 and has been making boards for all levels of surfers since then. Carl’s main goal is to make sure that everyone who walks through the door at Celtic Connections walks away with a board that fits their needs and their style.

Celtic Connections can shape any type of board you need: longboards, shortboards, fishtails, etc. They also offer custom designs if you don’t see anything that suits your fancy!

Check out the Celtic Connections Surfboards website

Fluid Concept

Fluid Concept is a board shop and surfboard shaper located in Scarborough, Yorkshire. They’ve been shaping boards since 2010, and are committed to providing the best custom-shaped boards possible to their customers.

They have an in-house team of shapers that can work with you to create a board that perfectly suits your needs and style, whether you’re looking for a high performance board or something to take out in the waves on a hot summer day. They also stock a variety of different types of boards, including longboards, fish boards, and shortboard and paddle boards.

Check out the Fluid Concept website

Visionary Surfboards

Glenn Nary is a true visionary when it comes to surfboards. He’s been shaping them since 2009, and he’s based in Saltburn, UK.

He has a very specific vision for the surfboards that he makes: they are all made with meticulous attention to detail, and they’re built for longboarders, mid-length surfboards or shortboarders.

If you’re looking for a custom-made surfboard that will stand out in the water and stand the test of time, then look no further than Visionary Surfboards!

Check out the Visionary Surfboards website

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