The Best Surfboard Racks (Surfboard Storage Solutions)

the best surfboard racks

As your collection of surfboards starts to grow it can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare of stacking boards on top of each other or creating precarious stacks all balanced perfectly but just waiting for the slightest push to send them toppling like dominoes.

If this sounds like you then you need a sturdy surfboard rack that’ll save you countless dings and make grabbing the right board as simple as sliding it off the rack.

Unfortunately not all surfboard racks are made even so we’ve gone ahead and created the ultimate buyer’s guide for the best surfboard racks the internet has to offer, all the way from bargain offerings to carefully hand-crafted pieces of art.

Don’t miss our step-by-step guide on how to look after your surfboard for more tips on keeping your stick looking like the day it left the surf shop.

The Best Surfboard Racks

  • Best construction and quality – The Grass Racks Bamboo/Birch Horizontal Surfboard Rack
  • Best value for money – Steve’s Rack Shack 6 Standing Vertical Surf Rack
  • Best for single boards – TWO STONES Single Surfboard Wall Hanger
  • Best for heavy-duty/outdoor use – Extreme Max Quad/Twin Horizontal Surfboard Rack

How we tested our surfboard racks

Each rack was mounted to the wall using the provided attachment system, and each rack was tested up to the maximum board capacity and assessed visually for any highlights or issues.

The Grass Racks Bamboo/Birch Horizontal Surfboard Rack

Best: Construction and quality

Rating: 9/10

Grass Racks have pulled out all the stops with their Kaua’i Series surfboard racks. They offer the Kaua’i with options for one, two, three or four surfboards.

You can pick from a bamboo or birch construction with bamboo being roughly 20% more expensive. Grass Racks use their own easy installation system so securing to your wall doesn’t take much longer than 5 minutes.

We love the finish on this one, the unfinished birch looks great and the bamboo finish is a planet-friendly option not found in many other surfboard racks.

Buy now $104.00+

Steve’s Rack Shack 6 Standing Vertical Surf Rack

Best: Value for money

Rating: 8/10

If you’re guilty of buying a board every season then this could be the perfect surfboard storage for you. Offering space for six boards it’s the biggest rack on our list.

It’s designed and manufactured domestically in the US which is a big tick for us and it’s free-standing which is perfect if you don’t want to screw into any walls.

The rack is constructed from birch that’s been weather treated so it’s suitable indoors and outdoors in a sheltered area. It’ll safely hold boards up to around 9ft, any bigger than this and you’ll want to opt for a horizontal surfboard rack.

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TWO STONES Single Surfboard Wall Hanger

Best: For single boards

Rating: 8/10

This multi-purpose single-board hanger is perfect for anyone with a one-board quiver. Better yet its wide mountings mean it’s perfect for all manner of board sports including snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards.

It’s manufactured using a highly polished Beech giving it a clean finished look with a quick and easy installation that only requires 8 screws.

At under $30 these surfboard racks are perfect if you don’t want to break the bank and the rubber protection around the mounts will work wonders for keeping your fibreglass ding and damage free.

This simple surfboard wall mount is suitable for boards of any size and is a great option for a lengthy longboard.

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Extreme Max Quad/Twin Horizontal Surfboard Rack

Best: Heavy duty/outdoor use

Rating: 7/10

This rock-solid surfboard rack isn’t going to win any awards in the looks department but it’s cost-effective and the construction is rock solid.

Each support comes with durable foam padding that’ll keep your surfboard free from any bumps and scratches and its powder-coated steel construction helps protect against rust and damage associated with storing surfboards outside.

The padded arms attach and detach using a clever push-pin system so dismantling your rack is an absolute breeze.

Install as short or wide as needed to fit the size of your surfboards.

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Common questions about surfboard racks

We answer the internet’s most pressing questions about surfboard storage.

Are surfboard racks safe?

Yes, as long as your surfboard rack is properly installed using the provided screws it should be perfectly safe. Always remember to check your rack’s maximum weight load and make sure to test any longer surfboards before leaving them in your rack.

Is it better to store surfboards vertically or horizontally?

Storing your surfboards horizontally puts all the pressure on the tail of your board whereas a horizontal rack will spread the load between two points. As long as you cushion your tail and the support points both are perfectly suitable surfboard storage solutions.

Can you make your own surfboard rack?

Yes, if you’re skilled at woodwork it’s entirely possible to make your own surf rack using wooden dowels and pipe lagging from your local DIY store.

the best surfboard racks