Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart – Men, Women & Kids

hurley wetsuit size charts

Want to make sure you get the perfect fit for your next Hurley Wetsuit?

We’ve got you covered with our handy wetsuit sizing guide for men, women and kids.

Once you’re all measured up for a snug new wetsuit head over to the official Hurley website to shop their whole range of wetsuits.

hurley wetsuit size charts

Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart For Men

Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart For Women

Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart For Kids

About The Brand

hutrley logo

Hurley is an iconic surf brand that has been at the forefront of the surf industry for over two decades now.

Known for its high-quality surf gear, Hurley has built a loyal following of surfers from seasoned shredders to young frothing groms.

Hurley’s wetsuits are designed with the latest technology and materials to provide maximum flexibility, warmth, and durability.

The brand’s signature Advantage wetsuit line is made with a super stretchy neoprene that allows for uninhibited movement in the water.

We love Hurley’s adoption of eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes with the use of limestone-based neoprene That’s much more sustainable than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.

Hurley also uses water-based glues and solvents in its wetsuit production process, reducing its environmental impact.

In conclusion, Hurley’s range of wetsuits is an ideal choice for surfers of all abilities.

The brand’s use of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials, along with its wide range of options for different water temperatures and wave conditions, make Hurley wetsuits a top choice for us here at Honest Surf.