The Best 6 Hurley Wetsuits (2024 Buyers Guide)

best hurley wetsuits guide

The Hurley brand has well and truly made its mark on the surfing world.

From John John Florence’s legendary performances on the world tour to the iconic Hurley Pro at Trestles, you can’t help but notice those iconic stripes emblazoned on many a pro surfer’s wetsuit.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, it turns out Hurley knock out some damn good neoprene if you didn’t know, let’s dive into Hurley’s wetsuit range for a closer look.

best hurley wetsuits guide

Our Picks For The Best Hurley Wetsuits 2023

The Hurley Advantage wetsuit range offers a perfect combination of wetsuit tech and value for money.

From sure-fire bargains to suits for the colder months, the Advantage, Advantage Plus and Advantage Max all have their own pros and cons, so let’s find out what makes these suits different and how you can find the best one for you.

*You can check out the full product information on the Hurley website by following the link at the bottom of each Hurley wetsuit review.

The Best Hurley Wetsuits For Men

Let’s dive into our individual reviews to get the low down on the different types of suits Hurley’s got on offer.

Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3mm + Hood

Best: Winter wetsuit

This Advantage Plus wetsuit is the brand new range for 2023, taking everything they’ve learned from previous years to provide the warmest suit possible.

Featuring a built-in wetsuit hood and double-glued seams it’s the perfect wetsuit for cold water surfing when you need to keep your energy consumption to a minimum if you’re not surfing or paddling.

Dealing with extreme air temperatures and wind chill you can pare this suit up with some Hurley wetsuit gloves and boots for even more warmth. 

Compared to other competitors, the Advantage Plus model comes out fairly cost-effective for a suit integrated with a hood. 

At the time of writing, Hurley is offering a 40% discount making this an absolute bargain for a cold-season suit.

Currently, these are only available in a carbon black/graphite colourway but we’re expecting more colours to get added to the range soon.

Wetsuit tech

  • Dope-dyed yarns and limestone-based neoprene
  • New super stretch Neospan exterior helps you stay flexible in the ocean
  • Xtend 2.0 quick-dry lining helps dry your suit faster than ever 
  • The integrated hood helps avoid flushing and keeps you warm in even the coldest conditions

*Pro tip – Remember to grab a surfboard with some extra volume when you’re surfing with the added weight of winter surfing gear.

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Hurley Advantage Max 4/3+ 

Best: Performance

This suits all about high-performance surfing, it’s designed to give you as much flexibility as possible while still giving you the protection you need from the elements

The 4/3mm neoprene keeps you nice and warm even on cold days when other surfers in 3/2mm are shivering next to you.

Better yet this suit is about as eco-friendly as it gets, from its innovative carbon black rubber made from recycled car tyres to the limestone-based neoprene, Hurley has really thought about their impact on the planet with this one.

Wetsuit tech

  • Smooth silicone exterior for ultimate wind protection and durability
  • Hurley’s patented Exoflex 2 material makes this suit the stretchiest yet
  • Heat-trapping yarn and heat-reflecting panels keep your extra toasty
  • Liquid taped seams

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Hurley Advantage 3/2mm 

Best: Low-cost wetsuit

If you’re lucky enough to be surfing in warmer waters and don’t want to break the bank with a new wetsuit then the Advantage 3/2mm is a perfect choice.

What it loses in wetsuit technology it more than makes up for with its price tag.

If you like a wetsuit with a bit of colour there’s a variety of styles that change it up from the traditional black with white stripes.

Wetsuit tech

  • Seams carefully placed for maximum flexibility 
  • 100% taped seams
  • Handy key pocket
  • The thermal lining keeps you nice and warm

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Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3mm

Best: All-rounder

If you’re looking for a do it all wetsuit then you can’t look much further than the Advantage Plus.

It’s got all the same features of the hooded model above minus the fixed hood and it’s an absolute bargain in comparison to O’Neill, Excel and Billabong suits

Wetsuit tech

  • Super stretch neospan helps you stay explosive through manoeuvres
  • Xtend 2.0 quick-dry lining gets you back in the ocean faster
  • Limestone neoprene keeps the suit planet-friendly

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The Best Hurley Wetsuits For Women 

Hurley makes some of the best women’s wetsuits in the world, especially when you consider their relatively low price.

Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm (Women’s)

Best: High-end wetsuit 

Get all the warmth you need without losing any comfort or flexibility with the Advantage Plus from Hurley.

Its patented limestone neoprene traps your body heat and super stretchy Neospan material delivers the best performance possible.

This suit is perfect for anyone who wants to extend their surf sessions in the cold season without sacrificing on manoeuvrability.

Wetsuit tech

  • Stretchy neoprene lets you glide through turns without resistance
  • The thermal inner lining keeps you warm and increases your surf time 
  • Ethical manufacturing minimises impact on the environment

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Hurley Advantage 3/2mm (Women’s) 

Best: Budget option

The Advantage comes in loads of different styles from floral prints to your standard black colourways with white stripes.

The 3/2mm is suitable for warmer water temperatures and it’s still packed with wetsuit tech-like insulating interior fabric and power seams.

Wetsuit tech

  • Handy key pocket and knee guards for duck diving
  • Thermal fleece lining is perfect for cold water surfing
  • Great for a wide range of needs and watersports

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Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart 

You can have all the best wetsuit design elements in the world but if your suit doesn’t for properly it’s going to be useless.

Poorly fitted wetsuits are either constantly flushing with water or constricting you to the point of struggling to breathe.

So to get a snug, tight fit (but not too tight) head over to our Hurley wetsuit size chart packed full of everything you need to find a snug fit.

Hurley Wetsuits FAQ

We answer some of the internet’s most popular questions about surfing in Hurley’s wetsuits.

Are these the same suits their pro athletes wear? 

Yes, these are exactly the same suits the like of John John Florence, Filipe Toledo and Lakey Peterson wear when they’re surfing in and out of competition.

Can you use Hurley wetsuits for other watersports?

Yes, Hurley suits are great for bodyboarding, windsurfing kitesurfing and even scuba diving.

Got another question about our Hurley wetsuits review or do you need some help picking the right suit?

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